Explore Our Bargain Used Cars for Sale in Union

There are several reasons you might want to get a bargain used vehicle, including saving money on the insurance rates, which can drive down the total amount you spend every month on car expenses. There are a lot of financial benefits beyond the sale price of a vehicle when you buy a used vehicle from us at Maxon Buick GMC, but it's not just the savings that people rave about when they visit us for a used vehicle in Union. When you come to our used car dealership, you'll also find caring sales associates interested in finding a way to get you into a quality car, truck, SUV, or van that will suit your purposes for years to come.

Why Buy a Used Vehicle?

When you want a vehicle, going with a used car is great for many drivers because you can cut off thousands of dollars from the purchase price when you go with something that's a couple of years old. Plus, there are a couple of smaller savings that add up over the course of a year. For instance, you could cut off $25 or more from the interest that you pay every month on the loan when the vehicle's purchase price is several thousand dollars less.

You'll also like that you can pay less in sales taxes, and you're going to cut off a chunk of money that you pay for the insurance rates. This aspect can add up to thousands of dollars in savings every year, putting more money back into your pocket for your adventures around Green Brook.

How to Save on a Used Car

We also have some tips for you on how you can save a lot on a used vehicle near Woodbridge. One of the most important things when buying a car is to think about what you really need. The second most important thing is to have a budget. It's not worth buying a big truck, which is often more expensive, when you really just need a sedan to travel to and from work.

You should also compare to see if you're paying more for a vehicle that has extra options, such as leather seats, when you would be just as happy with a cloth interior. We encourage you also to take the time to look at what's available in the special bargain section. Sometimes there are vehicles that we're trying to sell to make room for new inventory, and these vehicles will get priced extra low.

Popular Used Car Options in Union

You can find several popular brands and models at our dealership near Jersey City. Take, for instance, the used Chevy vehicles we carry. You might be able to find models like the Malibu, Suburban, or Silverado. Ford offers pickup trucks like the F-150 and Ranger, or you could get an Escape or Fusion. We might have some Toyota models, such as the Camry, 4Runner, or Tundra. Our inventory changes daily, so we want you to check back regularly so that you can see the latest models we have for sale near Newark.

Start the Car Buying Process Online

We invite you to start the car buying process online if you're interested in getting a great vehicle from us without leaving the comfort of your couch. You can easily shop by filtering according to body style, brand, price range, mileage, and other important features. If you're trying to cut off a good amount of time at the dealership, choosing to buy online is the easiest way, and you can complete the buying process online.

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